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health & safety


From establishment in 2011, we have concentrated on developing comprehensive Health and Safety systems to meet obligations under the ‘Health and Safety at Work Act 2015’.  We employ a full-time Health and Safety Manager who understands the principals of providing a safe workplace in an industry that demands strict compliance.

Our objective is to deliver a safe and healthy working environment for everyone who uses or visits our work sites or premises.  We take responsibility for managing risk seriously and provide our employees with the fundamental tools and training required for success.

Our Commitment

1.  Set health and safety objectives and performance criteria for all employees and work areas.

2.  Review health and safety objectives and performance on a regular basis.

3.  Ensure all new employees, contractors and visitors to the workplace familiarise themselves with, and understand, our safety procedures.

4.  Encourage accurate/timely reporting of all workplace incidents and injuries.

5.  Investigate all reported near-misses, incidents and injuries to identify all contributing factors and formulate plans for corrective action, where indicated.

6.  Encourage the early reporting of any pain or discomfort.

7.  Provide rehabilitation plans that ensure a safe, early and durable return to work.

8.  Identify all existing and new hazards and take all practical steps to eliminate, isolate or minimise the exposure to any significant hazards.

9.  Ensure that all employees are made aware of the hazards in their work areas and are adequately trained so they can carry out their duties in a safe manner.

10. Encourage employee consultation and active participation in all health and safety matters.

11. Facilitate the election of employee health and safety representatives.

12. Ensure that all contractors and subcontractors are actively managing health and safety for themselves and their employees.

13. Motivate participation in a system of continuous improvement, including annual reviews of policies, processes and procedures.

14. Meet our obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 codes of practice and any relevant standards or guidelines.

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