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Skilled Drainage Crews

As well as land development and subdivisions, EDR have excellent working relationships with local councils and are approved/pre-qualified installers for CCC and WDC.   Our skilled drainage crews have over 30 years of combined experience and have the benefit of ongoing training through industry recognised apprenticeships and mentoring.

2019 - Waikari WWTP - Buffer Pond

Hurunui District Council

Scope of Contract

Construction of a 20,000m3 lined buffer pond at the Waikari Waste-Water Treatment Plant.   

Contract Works

  • The pond was constructed from both excavation and construction of compacted earth embankments. 

  • Supply and install HDPE liner for the buffer pond and associated materials for the liner protection and gas venting.

  • Construction of Irrigation Pump Station

  • Construction of DN1800 precast concrete wet well manhole with pumps

  • Construction of valve chamber

  • Supply and installation of Huber Ro9 wastewater screen and construction of a concrete channel and surround

  • Electrical work associated with the wastewater screen, new pump stations, control system and connection to SCADA



The contract included construction of a series of new pipelines to convey wastewater around the site.  Supply, welding, trenching, connecting/redirecting, bedding, testing and ancillaries were required to construct the pipelines.  Including:


  • Gravity stormwater pipe from existing open drain to the Waikari River. 100m long – DN450 StormBoss SN8 pipe

  • Perforated dewatering pipe within gravel trench. 118m long – DN150 Novaflow

  • Gravity dewatering pipe from new pond gravel trench to the Waikari River.  60m long – DN150 PVCu SN8 pipe.

  • Gravity transfer pipe from the existing buffer pond to the new Transfer Pump Station.  17m long – DN225 SN8 PVCu Novadrain pipe.

  • Suction pipework from the existing buffer pond to the new Irrigation Pump Station.  30m – 160OD PE100 SDR13.6 pipe and NB125 SCH40 316 stainless steel pipe.

  • Suction pipework from the new buffer pond concrete trough to the new irrigation pump station.  45m long – NB125 SCH40 316 stainless steel pipe.

  • Pressure pipe from the transfer pump station to the new 20,000m3 buffer storage pond via new valve chamber. 15m of NB 80 SCH40 316 ss pipe.

  • Pressure pipe from the irrigation pump station pump to the tie-in point with the existing irrigation pipework.  120m long – 125OD PE100 SDR13.6 pipe.

2018 - Amberley Beach Road

Hurunui District Council

Scope of Contract

Wastewater upgrade and watermain installation from Carters/Amberley Beach Road intersection to Rosewood/Amberley Beach Road intersection.

Contract Works

  • The new pipeline consisted of approximately:

  • 500m of DN300 SN16 unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) wastewater main

  • 675 m of DN180 PE100 SDR 13.6 (PN12.5) watermain

  • Wastewater manholes, sluice valves, hydrants and connections

  • Trench excavation, dewatering, trench shoring/support, trench protection, bedding, jointing, backfilling and surface reinstatement


The existing wastewater main and watermain ran parallel with the new pipeline route. Caution was required in order to maintain separation from these pressurised and gravity pipes. 


Trench depths were at a maximum of 4.5m which required extreme care, planning and placement of shields.


The existing pipes remained ‘live’ during construction to maintain services to local residential/commercial properties and abandoned after the connection of the new mains to the existing network.

2019 - Westmount School - Johns Road, Rangiora

Scope of Contract

Construction and installation of water, sewer and telecommunication services from Westmount School, Johns Road to existing WDC networks.

Contract Works

  • 513m rising wastewater main – 110OD PE100 PN16

  • 50m directional drilling of wastewater

  • Associated boundary connections, sluice valves, air valve chamber, M/H’s

  • 493m water supply line – 63OD PE80 PN12.5

  • 50m directional drilling of water pipeline

  • Associated valves, fittings and connection to existing service

  • 460m chorus duct – 100mm

Christchurch Earthquake Rebuild

After the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes, EDR was contracted for numerous infrastructure renewal/repair projects from Alliance Companies of the "Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team" (SCIRT) for a period of nearly 5 years.

Working amongst other contractors, rebuilding the city's sewer, water and stormwater pipelines was a challenging a learning experience for all involved.  The complexities of building resilient infrastructure that would withstand future earthquakes created a massive learning environment for our team.  Leading edge design and 'world firsts' were achieved by SCIRT, and our skilled drainage crews were an integral part to some of these projects.

Showcasing just some of these projects below:

2012 - Beatty Street - Stormwater 

  • Removal of existing DN450 x 119m

  • Install new DN750 x 119m

  • Complete outfall structure including all concrete and rock work


2013 - New Brighton Stormwater – Union, Hardy & Beresford Streets and Owles Tce

  • Install new DN300 x 133m

  • Install new DN675 x 53m

  • Install new DN225 x 40m

  • Pipe protection and haunching

  • Numerous S/D sump and M/H installation and repairs

  • All associated connections etc


2013 - Bio-filter – Marylands Reserve

  • Install 100mm Drain pipeline to M/H 1-12

  • Excavate and construct fan chamber & electrical plinth base

  • Install odour duct from M/H 1-13 to fan chamber

  • Bio filter bed pipe works, install filter mediums

  • Landscaping


2014 - Beckenham South - Gravity Repair

  • Segment Repairs


2014/2015 - Redcliffs, McCormacks Bay

2015/16 - Lyttelton – 53 x segment repairs

  • Various streets throughout Lyttelton township.  Steep grades.


2015/16 - Burwood South SW Relays

  • Install new DN225 x 138m

  • Install new DN300 x 133m

  • Pipe protection and haunching x 226m

  • Numerous S/D sump and M/H installation and repairs

  • All associated connections etc

  • Rock outfall and 4m rock lined channel


2016 - Kibblewhite Street, Estuary Road, Blake Street, Bridge Street and the Blake Street Reserve

  • Install over 700m of SW pipe including DN225, 300,375,450,600 & 1200.

  • Hundreds of meters of pipe repair, abandonment, protection and haunching

  • Numerous S/D sump and M/H installation and repairs

  • Remove existing outlet structures and reinstate stop banks

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