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land development

We are land development specialists.  From residential to commercial, EDR provides a proven history of delivering quality results from start to finish in all projects.

With our modern plant, equipment, skilled teams and latest GPS technology, EDR has become well known in the building and construction industry for reliability, project management and efficiency.

recent projects

Woodlands Estate (Stage 1) - Woodend

Scope of Contract

Residential subdivision located between Parsonage Road and Main North Road, in Woodend township.  Construction is split across 4 stages, with Stage 1 of 55 lots beginning March 2020 and completion in April 2021.

Enabling Works

  • Three waters installation

  • Undergrounding overhead powerlines to existing houses

  • Initial earthworks to create and stabilise erosion and sediment access to the site


Stage 1 Construction

  • Installation of water, stormwater and sewer mains and associated structures in Road 1 and Road 6

  • Installation of water main in Road 1

  • 1.9 ha of earthworks to construct roads and stormwater basins

  • Trenching for power and communications installation and installation of submains in the same trenches

  • Service connections for 55 lots

  • Excavation and construction of the stormwater basins and associated outfall structures.

  • Wastewater pumping station construction and connection to live system.

  • Full ubanisation of Parsonage Road.

Elm Green, Rangiora

Scope of Contract

Residential subdivision located between Kippenberger Avenue and Northbrook Road, in Rangiora township.  Construction was split across 7 stages, with EDR contracted for road construction in stage 2 and full construction of stages 4 to 7.  Works begun in 2018 and completed in October 2020.

Stage 4 - 7 Construction

  • Installation of stormwater and sewer mains and associated structures

  • Water reticulation works

  • All road, footpath, ROW and roundabout construction

  • Connection to live services 

  • Completion to 224

We delivered record production on Stage 5 through to 7 with good weather and ground conditions. The introduction of our new 2018 John Deere JD450 dozer (fully equipped with new Topcon mm GPS technology) to this project, was an integral part in the efficient production and quality finish. 

Windsor Park, Rangiora

Scope of Contract

Contracted for the full residential subdivision of 88 lots, located off Salisbury Ave, Rangiora.  Start of construction was July 2017, with completion of all stages in Feb 2020.

We had a clear understanding of the clients’ needs and time expectations. Due to working alongside Charles Upham Retirement Village, we worked with great care mitigating dust and noise during all stages. Access to the site was via a residential right of way, where care was required for residential property and owners during construction. 

Stage 1 - 4 Construction

  • Site clearance, demolition and removal to waste of existing infrastructure and underground services

  • Removal and replacement of unsuitable materials including all bulk earthworks

  • Production, supply, shaping and compaction of sub-base and basecourse

  • Preparation of the carriageway surfaces, Pavement construction, Kerb & Channel

  • Stormwater, Wastewater, Water installation and drainage works

  • Vehicle access

  • Topsoil & grassing

  • Completion to 224

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