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Latest GPS Technology

The building and maintenance of roads, footpaths, carparks and cycle-ways within and around a large city are ongoing. Design and Build standards are constantly adapting and improving for the supply of long term solutions to transport needs.

We offer road building, site work, contour grading and any other complex surface grading requirements.

We use leading edge Topcon 3D GPS technology to provide accurate and exceptional results from Survey to Finished Grade. Our support from Synergy Positioning Systems and our skilled team of experts not only provide the client with a quality ‘to plan’ finish, but peace of mind that any design issues or clashes are highlighted and remedied along the way.

Another advantage of using Topcon 3D GPS is that we can access ‘real-time’ cut/fill mapping. This allows transparency to clients throughout the project and provides unmatched material control capability.

We guarantee our work and provide a Roading Service that delivers exceptional results to clients and stake holders.

- Road and Kerb Prep

- Intersection upgrades

- Lights/Roundabouts

- Carparks- Driveways

- Footpaths

- Patios

- State Highway projects

- Temporary access roads

- Cycle-ways